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11 Things to do in Nottingham

Nottingham has become a popular cultural site, with our large theatres, art galleries and entertainment destinations. This post explores some of the top attractions of the city - ‘must-sees’ for any visit to Nottingham.

This post explores some of the top attractions of the city - ‘must-sees’ for any visit to Nottingham.

Castle Quarter

Visit Castle Quarter to get a grip of Nottingham’s remarkable history. This building, still known as Nottingham Castle is actually a ducal manor house instead of a fortification.

It contains a museum and art gallery which is a good place to start your day. From there you can explore the wooded grounds, visit old pubs in England (the famous Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem) and see the statue of Robin Hood.

Drop into local cafes to try delicious cuisines and afternoon teas, freshly prepared using sustainably sourced ingredients.

Lace Market

Just a 13 minutes walk from Alea Nottingham is the historic Lace Market. Also once known as the heart of Britain's lace industry, which is now protected as one of the city’s most important heritage zones.

The lace market became a highlight for the city’s post industry regeneration. Nearly all of the old warehouses that were once run down have now been replaced and renovated with luxurious apartments. These cobbled streets and stunning architecture make it arguably one of the most attractive areas in Nottingham.

These former red brick buildings have transformed to shops, restaurants and boutique hotels - and of course, lace makers. It has been named as “The Soho of Nottingham”. In addition, the neighbourhood is also a home to some of the city’s sightseeing areas, including the National Justice Museum.

The City of Caves:

Nottingham has the UK’s largest network of caves with over 800 hidden beneath its streets. You can discover the largest sections of this vast underground network at the City of Caves. It’s a 9 minutes walk from the city centre, where Alea Casino Nottingham is located and can end your evening with a chilled pint of lager and great food.

Wollaton Hall and Park 

Wollaton Hall is one of the country’s finest Grade one Elizabethan mansion, which is set within 500 acres of beautiful parkland. With stunning architecture, exhibits and an array of wildlife.

Wollaton hall was used as the setting for Wayne Manor in the 2012 Batman film (Dark Knight Rises). It’s a great place to visit for all ages & only a donation is required for entry. Wollaton Hall and park includes Formal gardens, play areas, retail shops, cafes, retail shops & more.

The Exchange 

Nottingham has multiple shopping malls around the city centre, but the Exchange is different from the rest. Also known as Exchange Arcade, with about 20 stores in the opulent setting built in the 1920s. It’s located 10 minutes away from the city centre making the trip easier to women's fashion stores (including Oasis, Radley and Karen Millen). There are multiple small cafes in the surrounding area to relax and take a break between shopping.

The Exchange was Nottingham’s first shopping centre, opened in 1929 by the Prince of Wales, who later was known as Edward VIII.

Today, it’s Nottingham's most exclusive specialty shopping venue, with it’s mellow York Stone walls and magnificent 200 ft high dome making it a must see destination for regular shoppers and millions of visitors.

National Justice Museum

Discover Nottingham's intriguing history at the Nottingham Justice Museum. Housed within a historic courthouse and jail, this immersive museum offers visitors a glimpse into the city's judicial past.

Explore crime exhibits and punishment through the ages, from mediaeval times to the present day. Step into the dock, wander through atmospheric prison cells, and uncover stories of infamous outlaws and groundbreaking trials. With interactive displays and guided tours, the Nottingham Justice Museum provides a captivating experience, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the darker side of Nottingham's heritage.

The Adrenalin jungle 

The Adrenalin Jungle offers one of the best outdoor entertainment, with a wide selection of events from Archery, Assault courses, Airsoft, Knife & axe throwing, laser tag and many more interesting activities.

The Nottingham paintball site of the Adrenalin jungle is set in the heart of Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire, spread over 150 acres of woodlands and clearings.

The largest paintballing and outdoor activity centre in the East Midlands. It’s one of the best places in Nottingham to blow off steam or simply want to try something a little out of the ordinary.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood forest is wooded for centuries and once part of a vast hunting ground boasting hundreds of ancient oaks thriving here for more than 500 years, with legendary Major oak, estimated to be 1000 years old.

It covers an area approximately 100,000 acres, around a fifth of the modern country of Nottinghamshire. By the time England was conquered by Normans, Sherwood was already an area managed and shaped by the people who had lived in an era of the Roman occupation of Britain.

It was once known as the home of legend Robin Hood, but the jewel in their crown is the collection of ancient oaks across the landscape area - almost 1000s of them, making this the best and biggest place to identify these trees in Europe.

Meadow Lane Stadium

It's unusual for English cities to have multiple football stadiums, but in Nottingham, there are not just two, they're also remarkably close to each other. The home grounds of Notts County and Nottingham Forest are only about 730 ft apart.

The excitement of watching a good match live is unrivalled. Discover and enjoy a bit of football history by visiting Meadow Lane Stadium.

Watching a football game in Meadow Lane? Join us for some pre-match drinks at Alea Nottingham.


Hockley is known as Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. The place is filled with innovative shops, bars and restaurants full of creativity and culture.

Meander through the cobbled streets and discover street art that tells stories of urban expression. It’s a smooth blend of historical charm with contemporary flair, making it an ideal destination for anyone craving a taste of new and experimental art.

After a day of exploring, you can elevate your day by visiting Alea Nottingham, at the heart of the city.

Holme Pierre Point

Nestled in the heart of Nottingham lies Holme Pierrepoint, a haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Renowned for its National Water Sports Centre, this destination offers an array of exhilarating activities such as white-water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and teeming with wildlife, Holme Pierrepoint invites visitors to immerse themselves in thrilling adventures and tranquil moments amidst nature. With its state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking scenery, it's no wonder that Holme Pierrepoint is a must-visit destination for those seeking both excitement and serenity.

Whether you’ve walked around Nottingham or visited its landmarks, Alea Nottingham is the best place to end your visit to the city. Enjoy a meal at our Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse restaurant located inside the casino, have a refreshing drink at the bar or make a night of it with a learn how to play or cocktail masterclass experience.


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